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Engineering    2016, Vol. 2 Issue (4) : 402-408
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Leboeuf Michel
Honorary Chairman of UIC Intercity & High Speed Committee
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Michel Leboeuf
Michel Leboeuf. High-Speed Rail: Opportunities and Threats[J]. Engineering, 2016, 2(4): 402-408.
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Fig.1  Worldwide high-speed rail (HSR) route length.
Fig.2  Rail market share according to the best rail travel time.
Fig.3  Typical door-to-door trips between Marseille and Paris by rail and by air.
Fig.4  Market shares on the medium-distance trip market in France.
Fig.5  High-speed (HS) rolling stock fleet (number of train sets) in 2015.
Fig.6  HSR fleet size (number of train sets) extension in 20 years
Fig.7  Airplane orders and deliveries by Airbus and Boeing.
Fig.8  External costs in euros of various transport modes in Europe per 1000 passenger-km.
Fig.9  Energy efficiency of various transport modes based on European average values. Traffic units carried (number of passengers ×km) for one unit of energy (kiloequivalent of petro, kep). Note that 1 kWh= 0.086 kep.
Fig.10  Solar panels on the platforms of Tokyo Central Station.
Fig.11  Security checkpoint with safety entry at the entrance of the Thalys platform.
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