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Engineering    2017, Vol. 3 Issue (1) : 122-129
Research |
1. China Academy of Railway Sciences, Beijing 100081, China
2. Beijing Zongheng Electro-Mechanical Technology Development Co., Beijing 100094, China
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本文介绍了高速动车组的生命周期——设计、制造、测试、运营和维护阶段,以及各种平台,包括列车控制与监视系统(TCMS) 开发平台、测试和验证平台、动车组(EMU) 驾驶仿真平台及远程数据传输和维护平台。所有平台构成了EMU 全寿命周期系统并绑定在一起。每个平台都有利于EMU 全寿命周期管理且成为EMU 全寿命周期管理的重要组成部分。

关键词 动车组(EMU)列车控制与监视系统(TCMS)列车控制网络全寿命周期成本开发平台测试台仿真远程数据传输    

This paper introduces the high-speed electrical multiple unit (EMU) life cycle, including the design, manufacturing, testing, and maintenance stages. It also presents the train control and monitoring system (TCMS) software development platform, the TCMS testing and verification bench, the EMU driving simulation platform, and the EMU remote data transmittal and maintenance platform. All these platforms and benches combined together make up the EMU life cycle cost (LCC) system. Each platform facilitates EMU LCC management and is an important part of the system.

Keywords Electrical multiple unit      Train control and monitoring system      Train communication network      Life cycle cost      Development platform      Testing bench      Simulation      Remote data transmittal     
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最新录用日期:    在线预览日期:    发布日期: 2017-03-02
Hongwei Zhao
Zhiping Huang
Ying Mei
Hongwei Zhao,Zhiping Huang,Ying Mei. High-Speed EMU TCMS Design and LCC Technology Research[J]. Engineering, 2017, 3(1): 122-129.
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Fig.1  The TCMS software development platform structure. MVB: multifunction vehicle bus; WTB: wired train bus; TCN: train communication network.
Fig.2  The TCMS software development platform. (a) The communication interface of the hardware configuration tool; (b) the online monitoring tool; (c) the interface of the TCMS software development platform.
Fig.3  The TCMS half-physical testing bench structure. CAB: cab cabinet; ATP: auto speed protection.
Fig.4  The TCMS half-physical testing bench. (a) The driver control panel; (b) the simulation main control center; (c) the vehicle cabinets and the signal-processing cabinets; (d) HIL test.
Fig.5  The EMU driving simulation platform structure. MCB: main circuit breaker; CCTV: closed-circuit television.
Fig.6  The EMU driving simulation platform. (a) The train operation route design; (b) the train front view simulation; (c) the whole driving simulation platform; (d) the driver operation console.
Fig.7  The EMU remote data transmittal and maintenance platform structure.
Fig.8  The web-browser function of EMU faults statistical analysis.
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