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Engineering    2017, Vol. 3 Issue (5) : 726-730
Research |
俞培强(),Luciana L. Prates
Department of Animal and Poultry Science, College of Agriculture and Bioresources, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A8, Canada
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摘要 新的研究思路、研究方法和生物分析技术的创造和发展对动物科学(包括饲料和营养科学)的进步是必不可少的。本文介绍了以同步加速器为基础的先进生物分析技术作为一项崭新的研究工具,在研究由多种处理(如基因修饰、基因沉默、饲料的热加工处理、生物燃料加工等)诱导的饲料分子结构变化与动物消化吸收饲料营养物质的关系方面的潜在应用。以同步辐射为基础的先进技术[如同步辐射红外显微光谱技术(synchrotron radiation infrared microspectroscopy,SR-IMS)和同步辐射X射线技术]作为一种快速、无损的生物分析技术被开发利用。与传统的湿化学法不同,同步辐射技术不会破坏饲料内在的分子结构。尖端和先进的同步加速器光源(是日光的上百万倍)能够以超高分辨率在细胞和分子水平上探测生物组织的内在结构。总的来说,最近开发的基于同步辐射的生物分析技术结合常用的研究技术将带来动物饲料和营养研究的巨大进步。
关键词 内部分子结构同步辐射应用分子营养饲料科学技术分子成像养分消化与吸收    

The invention and development of new research concepts, novel methodologies, and novel bioanalytical techniques are essential in advancing the animal sciences, which include feed and nutrition science. This article introduces a novel approach that shows the potential of advanced synchrotron-based bioanalytical technology for studying the effects of molecular structural changes in feeds induced by various treatments (e.g., genetic modification, gene silencing, heat-related feed processing, biofuel processing) in relation to nutrient digestion and absorption in animals. Advanced techniques based on synchrotron radiation (e.g., synchrotron radiation infrared microspectroscopy (SR-IMS) and synchrotron radiation X-ray techniques) have been developed as a fast, noninvasive, bioanalytical technology that, unlike traditional wet chemistry methods, does not damage or destroy the inherent molecular structure of the feed. The cutting-edge and advanced research tool of synchrotron light (which is a million times brighter than sunlight) can be used to explore the inherent structure of biological tissue at cellular and molecular levels at ultra-high spatial resolutions. In conclusion, the use of recently developed bioanalytical techniques based on synchrotron radiation along with common research techniques is leading to dramatic advances in animal feed and nutritional research.

Keywords Inherent molecular structure      Synchrotron radiation applications      Molecular nutrition      Feed science technology      Molecular imaging      Nutrient digestion and absorption     
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Peiqiang Yu
Luciana L. Prates
Peiqiang Yu,Luciana L. Prates. Molecular Structure of Feeds in Relation to Nutrient Utilization and Availability in Animals: A Novel Approach[J]. Engineering, 2017, 3(5): 726-730.
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Fig.1  Advanced synchrotron-based bioanalytical technology can provide four kinds of information simultaneously, including tissue structure, tissue nutrition, tissue chemistry, and tissue environment.
Fig.2  It is a time-consuming and expensive process to determine the metabolizable protein of a feed or diet. CP: crude protein; CHO: carbohydrate; GE: gain energy; kp: rate of passage; kd: rate of degradation; RDC: rumen degradable carbohydrate; RDP: rumen degradable protein; OEB: degraded protein balance; MCP: microbial crude protein; AMCP: truly absorbed microbial protein in the small intestine; ARUP: truly absorbed rumen undegraded protein in the small intestine; DVE: truly digested protein in the small intestine; NE: net energy; UCP: undigestable crude protein; ENDP: endogenous protein in the small intestine; FPCM: fat-protein-corrected milk; UOM: undigestible organic matter. (Adapted from our team member Arjan Jonker)
Fig.3  Summary and implications of a synchrotron-based molecular spectroscopic approach.
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