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Engineering    2017, Vol. 3 Issue (2) : 161 -165
Research |
A Perspective on Smart Process Manufacturing Research Challenges for Process Systems Engineers
Ian David Lockhart Bogle()
Center for Process Systems Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, University College London, London WC1E 7JE, UK

The challenges posed by smart manufacturing for the process industries and for process systems engineering (PSE) researchers are discussed in this article. Much progress has been made in achieving plant- and site-wide optimization, but benchmarking would give greater confidence. Technical challenges confronting process systems engineers in developing enabling tools and techniques are discussed regarding flexibility and uncertainty, responsiveness and agility, robustness and security, the prediction of mixture properties and function, and new modeling and mathematics paradigms. Exploiting intelligence from big data to drive agility will require tackling new challenges, such as how to ensure the consistency and confidentiality of data through long and complex supply chains. Modeling challenges also exist, and involve ensuring that all key aspects are properly modeled, particularly where health, safety, and environmental concerns require accurate predictions of small but critical amounts at specific locations. Environmental concerns will require us to keep a closer track on all molecular species so that they are optimally used to create sustainable solutions. Disruptive business models may result, particularly from new personalized products, but that is difficult to predict.

Keywords Smart manufacturing      Process systems engineering      Uncertainty      Flexibility      Optimization      Model-based control     
Corresponding Authors: Ian David Lockhart Bogle   
Just Accepted Date: 16 March 2017   Online First Date: 07 April 2017    Issue Date: 27 April 2017
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Ian David Lockhart Bogle
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Ian David Lockhart Bogle. A Perspective on Smart Process Manufacturing Research Challenges for Process Systems Engineers[J]. Engineering, 2017, 3(2): 161 -165 .
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