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Engineering    2018, Vol. 4 Issue (1) : 78 -84
Research |
Calculation of the Behavior Utility of a Network System: Conception and Principle
Changzhen Hu
Beijing Key Laboratory of Software Security Engineering Technology, School of Software, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 100081, China

The service and application of a network is a behavioral process that is oriented toward its operations and tasks, whose metrics and evaluation are still somewhat of a rough comparison. This paper describes scenes of network behavior as differential manifolds. Using the homeomorphic transformation of smooth differential manifolds, we provide a mathematical definition of network behavior and propose a mathematical description of the network behavior path and behavior utility. Based on the principle of differential geometry, this paper puts forward the function of network behavior and a calculation method to determine behavior utility, and establishes the calculation principle of network behavior utility. We also provide a calculation framework for assessment of the network’s attack-defense confrontation on the strength of behavior utility. Therefore, this paper establishes a mathematical foundation for the objective measurement and precise evaluation of network behavior.

Keywords Network metric evaluation      Differential manifold      Network behavior utility      Network attack-defense confrontation     
Just Accepted Date: 05 March 2018   Issue Date: 10 April 2018
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Changzhen Hu
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