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Engineering    2015, Vol. 1 Issue (1) : 46 -57
Research |
Efficient Configuration Space Construction and Optimization for Motion Planning
Jia Pan1,(),Dinesh Manocha2
1. Department of Computer Science, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
2. Department of Computer Science, University of N. Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175, USA

The configuration space is a fundamental concept that is widely used in algorithmic robotics. Many applications in robotics, computer-aided design, and related areas can be reduced to computational problems in terms of configuration spaces. In this paper, we survey some of our recent work on solving two important challenges related to configuration spaces: ① how to efficiently compute an approximate representation of high-dimensional configuration spaces; and ② how to efficiently perform geometric proximity and motion planning queries in high-dimensional configuration spaces. We present new configuration space construction algorithms based on machine learning and geometric approximation techniques. These algorithms perform collision queries on many configuration samples. The collision query results are used to compute an approximate representation for the configuration space, which quickly converges to the exact configuration space. We also present parallel GPU-based algorithms to accelerate the performance of optimization and search computations in configuration spaces. In particular, we design efficient GPU-based parallel k-nearest neighbor and parallel collision detection algorithms and use these algorithms to accelerate motion planning.

Keywords configuration space      motion planning      GPU parallel algorithm     
Corresponding Authors: Jia Pan   
Just Accepted Date: 31 March 2015   Issue Date: 02 July 2015
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Jia Pan
Dinesh Manocha
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Jia Pan,Dinesh Manocha. Efficient Configuration Space Construction and Optimization for Motion Planning[J]. Engineering, 2015, 1(1): 46 -57 .
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