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Engineering    2015, Vol. 1 Issue (2) : 185 -191
Research |
Bulk Glassy Alloys: Historical Development and Current Research
Akihisa Inoue1,2,()
1. Tohoku University, Sendai 980-8577, Japan
2. International Institute of Green Materials, Josai International University, Togane 283-8555, Japan

This paper reviews the development of current research in bulk glassy alloys by focusing on the trigger point for the synthesis of the first bulk glassy alloys by the conventional mold casting method. This review covers the background, discovery, characteristics, and applications of bulk glassy alloys, as well as recent topics regarding them. Applications of bulk glassy alloys have been expanding, particularly for Fe-based bulk glassy alloys, due to their unique properties, high glass-forming ability, and low cost. In the near future, the engineering importance of bulk glassy alloys is expected to increase steadily, and continuous interest in these novel metallic materials for basic science research is anticipated.

Keywords bulk glassy alloys      mold casting      metallic materials      structural relaxation     
Corresponding Authors: Akihisa Inoue   
Just Accepted Date: 30 June 2015   Issue Date: 16 September 2015
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Akihisa Inoue
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Akihisa Inoue. Bulk Glassy Alloys: Historical Development and Current Research[J]. Engineering, 2015, 1(2): 185 -191 .
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