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Engineering    2015, Vol. 1 Issue (4) : 413 -421
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An Overview of the Smart Grid in Great Britain
Nick Jenkins,Chao Long(),Jianzhong Wu
Institute of Energy, School of Engineering, Cardiff University, Cardiff CF24 3AA, UK

This paper presents an overview of the current status of the development of the smart grid in Great Britain (GB). The definition, policy and technical drivers, incentive mechanisms, technological focus, and the industry's progress in developing the smart grid are described. In particular, the Low Carbon Networks Fund and Electricity Network Innovation Competition projects, together with the rollout of smart metering, are detailed. A more observable, controllable, automated, and integrated electricity network will be supported by these investments in conjunction with smart meter installation. It is found that the focus has mainly been on distribution networks as well as on real-time flows of information and interaction between suppliers and consumers facilitated by improved information and communications technology, active power flow management, demand management, and energy storage. The learning from the GB smart grid initiatives will provide valuable guidelines for future smart grid development in GB and other countries.

Keywords smart grid      power system      renewable energy      Low Carbon Networks Fund      smart metering     
Corresponding Authors: Chao Long   
Just Accepted Date: 23 December 2015   Issue Date: 04 January 2016
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Nick Jenkins
Chao Long
Jianzhong Wu
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Nick Jenkins,Chao Long,Jianzhong Wu. An Overview of the Smart Grid in Great Britain[J]. Engineering, 2015, 1(4): 413 -421 .
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