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  • Tissue Engineering & Microecology
  • Smart Process Manufacturing
  • Environmental Protection
Current Issue
Volume 3· Issue 2 ·
Latest Research
28 April 2017   Perspective
New Trends in Olefin Production
Ismaël Amghizar et al.
28 April 2017   Perspective
Smart Manufacturing for the Oil Refining...
Zhihong Yuan et al.
28 April 2017   Review
Recent Progress on Data-Based Optimization for...
Jinliang Ding et al.
28 April 2017   Review
Global Optimization of Nonlinear...
Pedro A. Castillo Castillo et al.
[Online] Smart Grid
Agent-Based Simulation for Interconnection-Scale Renewable Integration an. . .
David P. Chassin,Sahand Behboodi,Curran Crawford,Ned Djilali
Smart Grid Wide-Area Transmission System Visualization
Thomas J. Overbye,James Weber
Combining Market-Based Control with Distribution Grid Constraints when Co. . .
Geert Deconinck,Klaas De Craemer,Bert Claessens
[Online] The Grand Challenges
The Beginnings of Wisdom: Challenges in Engineering Education
Helen Atkinson
Insecurity by Design: Today’s IoT Device Security Problem
Maire O’Neill
Climate Intervention: Possible Impacts on Global Security and Resilience
Marcia McNutt
News & Highlights
28 December 2016
Climate Agreement
Lance A. Davis
28 December 2016
Reflections on the Three Gorges Project since...
Shouren Zheng
Views & Comments
28 December 2016
Performance Assessment and Outlook of China’s...
Dabo Guan et al.
28 December 2016
High-Speed Rail: Opportunities and Threats
Michel Leboeuf
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