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  • Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity
  • Bridge Engineering & Tunnel Engineering
Current Issue
Volume 4· Issue 2 ·
Latest Research
28 April 2018   Article
A Geodesign Method of Human-Energy-Water...
Perry Pei-Ju Yang et al.
28 April 2018   Article
Impact of Low-Impact Development Technologies...
Zackery B. Morris et al.
[Online] Tunnel Engineering
Universal Method for the Prediction of Abrasive Waterjet Performance in M. . .
Eugene Averin
Key Technologies and Applications of the Design and Manufacturing of Non-. . .
Jianbin Li
Lake Mead Intake No. 3
Jon Hurt, Claudio Cimiotti
[Online] Sustainable Infrastructure
A GIS-Based Evaluation of Environmental Sensitivity for an Urban Expressw. . .
Qian Li, Fengqing Guo, Yuntao Guan
A Project-Based Sustainability Rating Tool for Pavement Maintenance
Yibo Zhang, J.P. Mohsen
Industrial Ecosystems and Food Webs: An Ecological-Based Mass Flow Analys. . .
Stephen M. Malone, Marc J. Weissburg, Bert Bras
News & Highlights
28 April 2018
The Longest Railway Tunnel in China
Haibo Zhang et al.
30 April 2017
The Undersea Tunnel on Qingdao Metro Line 8
Weiguo He et al.
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