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  • Green Chemical Engineering
  • Smart Process Manufacturing
  • Tissue Engineering & Microecology
Current Issue
Volume 3· Issue 3 ·
Latest Research
30 June 2017   Letter
Improved Oxygen Evolution Kinetics...
Ke Dang et al.
30 June 2017   Review
Membrane Engineering for Green Process...
Francesca Macedonio et al.
30 June 2017   Review
A Technological Overview of Biogas...
Spyridon Achinas et al.
30 June 2017   Review
Advances in Cadaverine Bacterial...
Weichao Ma et al.
30 June 2017   Review
Design of Photobioreactors for Mass...
Qingshan Huang et al.
30 June 2017   Review
Fluidized-Bed Bioreactor Applications...
Michael J. Nelson et al.
[Online] The Grand Challenges
The Beginnings of Wisdom: Challenges in Engineering Education
Helen Atkinson
Insecurity by Design: Today’s IoT Device Security Problem
Maire O’Neill
Climate Intervention: Possible Impacts on Global Security and Resilience
Marcia McNutt
[Online] Green Chemical Engineering
Harnessing the Beneficial Attributes of Ceria and Titania in a Mixed-Oxid. . .
Ee Teng Kho,Salina Jantarang,Zhaoke Zheng,Jason Scott,Rose Amal
Thermodynamic Analysis of the Gasification of Municipal Solid Waste
Pengcheng Xu,Yong Jin,Yi Cheng
Green Production Technology of the Monomer of Nylon-6: Caprolactam
Baoning Zong,Bin Sun,Shibiao Cheng,Xuhong Mu,Keyong Yang,Junqi Zhao,Xiaox. . .
News & Highlights
28 December 2016
Climate Agreement
Lance A. Davis
28 December 2016
Reflections on the Three Gorges Project since...
Shouren Zheng
Views & Comments
28 December 2016
Performance Assessment and Outlook of China’s...
Dabo Guan et al.
28 December 2016
High-Speed Rail: Opportunities and Threats
Michel Leboeuf
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