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  • Bridge Engineering & Tunnel Engineering
  • Intelligent Manufacturing,Additive Manufacturing,Animal Nutrition and Feed Science
  • Clean Energy & Efficient Exploitation of Deep Mineral Resources
  • Green Chemical Engineering
  • Smart Process Manufacturing
Current Issue
Volume 3· Issue 6 ·
Latest Research
30 December 2017   Review
Developments and Prospects of Long-Span...
Shunquan Qin et al.
30 December 2017   Review
Wind-Tunnel Investigation of the Aerodynamic...
Hiroshi Katsuchi et al.
30 December 2017   Article
A Comparative Assessment of Aerodynamic Models...
Igor Kavrakov et al.
30 December 2017   Article
Mechanical Behavior of a Partially Encased...
Jun He et al.
30 December 2017   Article
Mechanized Tunneling in Soft Soils: Choice...
Rolf Zumsteg et al.
[Online] Bridge Engineering
A Simplified Nonlinear Model of Vertical Vortex-Induced Force on Box Deck. . .
Le-Dong Zhu, Xiao-Liang Meng, Lin-Qing Du, Ming-Chang Ding
Developments and Prospects of Long-Span High-Speed Railway Bridge Technol. . .
Shunquan Qin, Zongyu Gao
Damping Identification of Bridges Under Nonstationary Ambient Vibration
Sunjoong Kim, Ho-Kyung Kim
[Online] Tunnel Engineering
Universal Method for the Prediction of Abrasive Waterjet Performance in M. . .
Eugene Averin
Key Technologies and Applications of the Design and Manufacturing of Non-. . .
Jianbin Li
Lake Mead Intake No. 3
Jon Hurt, Claudio Cimiotti
31 December 2017
The Statics, Dynamics, and Aerodynamics...
Yeong-Bin Yang et al.
31 December 2017
Advances in Underground Construction Help...
Raymond L. Sterling
News & Highlights
31 December 2017
Clean Energy Perspective
Lance A. Davis
31 December 2016
Supersonic Transport Redux?
Lance A. Davis
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