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  • Intelligent Manufacturing,Additive Manufacturing,Animal Nutrition and Feed Science
  • Clean Energy & Efficient Exploitation of Deep Mineral Resources
  • Green Chemical Engineering
  • Smart Process Manufacturing
Current Issue
Volume 3· Issue 5 ·
Latest Research
31 October 2017   Review
Simulating Resin Infusion through Textile...
Robert S. Pierce et al.
31 October 2017   Review
Control for Intelligent Manufacturing...
Han-Xiong Li et al.
31 October 2017   Review
Intelligent Manufacturing in the Context...
Ray Y. Zhong et al.
31 October 2017   Review
A Research Review on the Key Technologies...
Shuyou Zhang et al.
[Online] Additive manufacturing
Dual-Material Electron Beam Selective Melting: Hardware Development and V. . .
Chao Guo, Wenjun Ge, Feng Lin
Bioprinting-Based High-Throughput Fabrication of Three-Dimensional MCF-7 . . .
Kai Ling, Guoyou Huang, Juncong Liu, Xiaohui Zhang, Yufei Ma, Tianjian Lu. . .
Design and 3D Printing of Scaffolds and Tissues
Jia An, Joanne Ee Mei Teoh, Ratima Suntornnond, Chee Kai Chua
[Online] Intelligent manufacturing
Simulating Resin Infusion through Textile Reinforcement Materials for the. . .
Robert S. Pierce,Brian G. Falzon
Special Issue: Intelligent Manufacturing
Peigen Li
A Research Review on the Key Technologies of Intelligent Design for Custo. . .
Shuyou Zhang,Jinghua Xu,Huawei Gou,Jianrong Tan
31 October 2017
Special Issue: Intelligent Manufacturing
Peigen Li
News & Highlights
31 October 2017
Climate Agreement—Revisited
Lance A. Davis
31 October 2016
Enhancing the Resilience of Electricity Systems
Ben A. Wender et al.
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