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  • Clean Energy & Efficient Exploitation of Deep Mineral Resources
  • Green Chemical Engineering
  • Smart Process Manufacturing
  • Tissue Engineering & Microecology
Current Issue
Volume 3· Issue 4 ·
Latest Research
30 August 2017   Review
The Recent Technological Development...
Jinhua Wang et al.
30 August 2017   Review
Advances in Cost-Efficient Thin-Film...
Michael Powalla et al.
30 August 2017   Review
Review on Alkali Element Doping in Cu...
Yun Sun et al.
30 August 2017   Review
An Internet of Energy Things Based on...
Yonghua Song et al.
30 August 2017   Review
Particle Size and Crystal Phase Effects...
Jin-Xun Liu et al.
30 August 2017   Review
CCS Research Development and Deployment...
Peter J. Cook
[Online] Clean Energy
Development of CO2 S. . .
Torsten Brinkmann,Jelena Lillepärg,Heiko Notzke,Jan Pohlmann,Sergey . . .
Particle Size and Crystal Phase Effects in Fischer-Tropsch Catalysts
Jin-Xun Liu,Peng Wang,Wayne Xu,Emiel J. M. Hensen
Computational Tools for the Integrated Design of Advanced Nuclear Reactor. . .
Nicholas W. Touran,John Gilleland,Graham T. Malmgren,Charles Whitmer,Will. . .
[Online] Efficient Exploitation of Deep Mineral Resources
Monitoring, Warning, and Control of Rockburst in Deep Metal Mines
Xia-Ting Feng,Jianpo Liu,Bingrui Chen,Yaxun Xiao,Guangliang Feng,Fengpeng. . .
Some Challenges of Deep Mining
Charles Fairhurst
Key Technology Research on the Efficient Exploitation and Comprehensive U. . .
Zhiqiang Yang
30 August 2017
Clean Energy: Opportunities and Challenges
Yuzhuo Zhang
30 August 2017
Challenges in the Mining and Utilization of...
Meifeng Cai, Edwin T. Brown
News & Highlights
30 August 2017
Third Global Grand Challenges Summit for Engineering
Maggie Bartolomeo
28 December 2016
Reflections on the Three Gorges Project since...
Shouren Zheng
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