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  • Robotics & Crop Genetics and Breeding
  • Green Industrial Processes
  • Sustainable Infrastructure
Current Issue
Volume 4· Issue 4 ·
Latest Research
30 August 2018   Review
Development and Future Challenges of Bio...
Chuang Zhang et al.
30 August 2018   Article
Unpowered Knee Exoskeleton Reduces Quadriceps...
Ronnapee Chaichaowarat et al.
[Online] Robotics
Magnetic Helical Micro- and Nanorobots: Toward Their Biomedical Applicati. . .
Famin Qiu, Bradley J. Nelson
Vibration-Driven Microrobot Positioning Methodologies for Nonholonomic Co. . .
Kostas Vlachos, Dimitris Papadimitriou, Evangelos Papadopoulos
Personalizing a Service Robot by Learning Human Habits from Behavioral Fo. . .
Kun Li, Max Q.-H. Meng
[Online] Crop Genetics and Breeding
Genetic Manipulation of Non-Classic Oilseed Plants for Enhancement of The. . .
Xiao-Yu Xu, Hong-Kun Yang, Surinder P. Singh, Peter J. Sharp, Qing Liu
Current Research Status of Heterodera glycines Resistance and It. . .
Guiping Yan, Richard Baidoo
Aphanomyces euteiches: A Threat to Canadian Field Pea Production
Longfei Wu, Kan-Fa Chang, Robert L. Conner, Stephen Strelkov, Rudolph Fre. . .
News & Highlights
30 August 2018
Engineering’s Academy Awards
Lance A. Davis
30 August 2018
The Smart Road: Practice and Concept
Lijun Sun et al.
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