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A Method for Absolute Protein Expression Quantity Measurement Employing Insulator RiboJ
Hongbin Yu, Zheng Wang, Hanyue Xu, Jiusi Guo, Qingge Ma, Xiangxu Mu,Yunzi Luo
Fault-Tolerant Control of a CPG-Governed Robotic Fish
Yueqi Yang, Jian Wang, Zhengxing Wu, Junzhi Yu
Engineered Functional Surfaces by Laser Microprocessing for Biomedical Applications
Guoqing Hu, Kai Guan, Libin Lu, Jiaru Zhang, Nie Lu, Yingchun Guan
Enhanced Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Hydrolase Activity by Protein Engineering
Yuan Ma, Mingdong Yao, Bingzhi Li, Mingzhu Ding, Bo He, Si Chen, Xiao Zhou, Yingjin Yuan
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