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Author FAQs

1. Do I have to know a CAE member to get published in Engineering?

No, the preferred route of submission is through the direct submission track rather than the CAE member contributed track.

A distinguishing feature of Engineering is that Editor-in-Chief and Guest Editor-in-Chief (Or Editorial Office) make the final decision for every paper. Authors may suggest the names of CAE members or Editorial Board Members in fields related to their Direct Submissions, but do not need to have any relationship with a CAE member.

2. Does Engineering publish only Chinese manuscripts?

No, although Engineering is the official journal of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), the journal supported by members of the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS), and encourages exceptional submissions from all countries. Engineering welcomes authors, editors, and reviewers from around the globe.

3. Does the reputation of the authors influence the editors?

No, manuscripts across all tracks are evaluated based on the scientific merits of the work, not on who the authors are or where they are from.

4. What are the criteria for publication in Engineering?

Submissions must be:

a. original scientific research of exceptional importance;

b. work that appears to a Editorial Board member to be of particular importance, and intelligible to a broad scientific audience.

In addition to research reports, Engineering publishes News, Comments, Prospects, Review articles, and Letters. See the“Guidelines for Authors" for details about paper types.

5. What happens to a submitted paper, and who makes the final decision?

The Guest Editorial Board member and Editorial Board member receives initial submissions and is responsible for the final decision about acceptance.

Guest Editors-in-Chief, Associate Editors-in-Chief, and Editors-in-Chief can reject the paper or send the paper to board members or reviewers for review. After review, the Guest Editors-in-Chief makes a recommendation about acceptance to the Associate Editors-in-Chief, and Editors-in-chief. Multiple rounds of review and revision are strongly discouraged.

6. How long is the decision process?

Engineering has a three-tiered review process (Editorial Board member, Guest Editorial Board member, reviewers) and encourages editors and reviewers to provide comments in an expedited fashion.

More than 50% of Direct Submissions are declined by the Editorial Board within the first two weeks of submission. For papers that are sent on to editors or reviewers, the average time to receive an initial decision is 6weeks.

The average time from acceptance to online publication in Early Edition is 14 days.

The average time from submission to online publication is 10 weeks. The average time from submission to print is 14 weeks .

7. How do I submit a paper initially?

Carefully review this FAQ and the Guidelines for Authors. Your initial submission can combine text, tables, figures, and most supporting information (SI) in a single file, preferably in both Word and PDF. Manuscripts can be submitted by two ways shown as follows:
Manuscripts can be directly submitted to our manuscript submission and information portal on EVISE ( according to the requirements on it if you have an account for Elsevier, or you have to register one. The status of submitted manuscripts, notification of the Editor’s decision, and requests for revision can also be tracked at this portal.
If you need any further information, please contact us  We will do our best to reply as soon as possible. 

8. How do I submit a revised paper?

Once you receive your decision letter e-mail from the Editorial Office, you will be able to follow the link provided in the message to access the revised manuscript record. You can also access the record by clicking the manuscript number on your author home page, underneath Revise Manuscript. The files uploaded for your original manuscript will automatically carry over as well as any manuscript information that you have entered. Please note that revisions are required to include production-ready files for both the main and SI sections. Files are required to be uploaded individually for revisions. Revisions are required to include a point-by-point response to the reviewers’ comments and note any other changes made to the manuscript.

9. What does the decision letter mean?

All submissions to Engineering are evaluated by a member of the Editorial Board. In some cases, multiple rounds of review are necessary before an article is accepted. Authors may receive the following different types of decision letters:

The paper is accepted for publication without any additional changes and will be sent to the printer for processing.

The paper must be revised in response to the comments from the editor or reviewers. In this case, the decision on acceptance will be made after the editor and reviewers have evaluated the point-by-point response submitted by the authors.

The majority of revised submissions will be returned to the reviewers, but in some instances we will request additional minor revisions that will not require re review. In these cases the editor or a member of the Editorial Board will evaluate the revision.

For some revisions, the editor will state that a revised paper is unlikely to be accepted. In these cases, it may be worthwhile for the authors to consider resubmission elsewhere.

The paper is rejected for publication. Rejections can occur when the Editorial Board, Guest Editor-in-Chief, or more than 1 reviewer finds the paper not appropriate for publication in Engineering. The decision letter will explicitly state whether a resubmission would be considered. A resubmission must be invited by the Editor-in-Chief or Editorial Board and should be submitted as a new submission. The resubmission must include a Resubmission/Revision Cover Letter which references the original manuscript tracking number and outlines the changes you have made to your manuscript.

10. If my paper was rejected by Engineering should I revise and resubmit it?

Unless your decision letter specifically invites you to revise and resubmit your work, you are strongly advised not to resubmit to Engineering. Many papers are declined because they are not of sufficient general interest for the broad readers of Engineering and may be more appropriate for a specialty journal. Given the high number of submissions, we are unable to give unsolicited resubmissions high priority, and they are not usually successful.

11. Should I appeal?

We understand that this can be frustrating to authors, particularly when papers are rejected without review or when authors disagree with reviewer or editor comments. Authors may appeal decisions on rejected papers by writing to, but we cannot guarantee a quick decision. Please note that decisions made by the Editorial Board regarding the novelty or general interest of a submission are unlikely to be reversed with an appeal. If an appeal is declined, further appeals will not be considered and the paper may not be resubmitted.

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