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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Food Safety and Health

Deadline for Paper Submission: August 31, 2018

Engineering, sponsored by Chinese Academy of Engineering, is an international peer-reviewed academic journal. The journal is published on a bimonthly basis in English. Online versions are available through and

Food Safety and Health has attracted much attention in the last decades. The special issue “Food Safety and Health” of Engineering seeks for leading researches and establishment of a forum for the discussion of recent progresses on (a) contamination and control of the foodborne pathogens, (b) chemical contamination and residual in food, (c) food processing and safety, (d) nutrition and health. This issue will publish original research papers and reviews including but not limited to the following fields:


     Big data on food safety;

     Foodborne pathogenic microorganism;

     Food detection technology and standardization;

     Novel techniques for food safety control;

     Detection and prevention of residual drugs;

     Risk communication and early warning of food safety;

     Food processing and safety;

     New thinking of probiotic nutrition;

     Micro-ecology and health.

Paper Length:

6 pages in general

Editorial Board of the Special Issue:

Special Issue Editors-in-Chief

Qingping Wu, Guangdong Institute of Microbiology, China
Bruce R. Hamaker, Purdue University, USA

Executive Editor-in-Chief

Wei Chen , Jiangnan university, China

Christopher SmithUniversity of Chester, UK

Special Issue Editorial Board

Guofang Pang, China institute of inspection and quarantine, China

Jianzhong Shen, China Agricultural University, China

Da-Wen Sun, South China University of Technology, China

Frank Hollmann, Delft University of Technology, Germany

Lei Wang, Nankai University, China

Katsuyoshi Nishinari, University of Osaka, Japan

Runcang Sun, Beijing Forestry University, China

Mike Gidley, University of Queensland, Australia

Yongning Wu, National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center, China

Martin Reaney, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Mouming Zhao, South China University of Technology, China

Bruce R. Hamaker, Purdue University, USA

Zhengyu Jin, Jiangnan University, China

Osvaldo Campanella, Purdue University, USA

Guanghong Zhou, Nanjing Agricultural University, China

Francesco Stellacci Constellium, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Swiss

Zhengqiang Jiang, China Agricultural University, China

Casimir C Akoh, University of Georgia, USA

Mingyong Xie, Nanchang University, China

Patrick Wall, UCD University Collegue Dublin, Ireland

Shuo Wang, Nankai University, China

Alice Lee, Uviversity of New South Wales, Australia

Ruifu Yang, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, China

Chris ElliotQueen's university, UK

Xingguo Wang, Jiangnan University, China

Charles Brennan, University of Lincoln, New Zealand

Qing Liu, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China

Lee Yuan Kun, National university of Singapore, Singapore

Jianhua Liu, South China Agricultural University, China

Arjan Narbad, Institute of British Sifang Biology, UK

Yonghua Wang, South China University of Technology, China

Michael Leonidas Chikindas, Rutgers University, USA

Yapeng Fang, Hubei University of Technology, China

Editor-in-Chief Assistant

Juan Wang, South China Agricultural University, China

ISSN Print: 2095-8099
ISSN Online: 2096-0026
CN: 10-1244/N
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